Assistance Grants...


Applications for assistance must have the support of a sponsor Lodge or other Masonic association or organisation recognised by The Grand Lodge of South Australia and the Northern Territory.

All applications for assistance must comply with the objects of the Freemasons Foundation, which are:
 To provide assistance, whether financial or otherwise, to persons in necessitous circumstances.
 To provide financial and other assistance to any association, institution or other organisation which itself provides relief to any persons in necessitous circumstances.
 To provide and apply funds for such other charitable institutions having status under the Income Tax Assessment Act as Deductible Gift Recipients, as the Board shall from time to time determine.

Assistance can only be given to Deductible Gift Recipient organisations or persons in necessitous circumstances in South Australia or the Northern Territory.

A copy of the Deductible Gift Recipient certificate must accompany the application.

Applications for funding of salaries, travel, research, or attendance at seminars will not be considered.

The questions asked, and information sought will assist in assessing the needs of the applicant.

If the space provided for any item is insufficient, please expand any statement or explanation on a separate sheet. Also enclose any existing publications or information which may lend support to the Application.

The success of any Application for Assistance will be dependant upon available funds at the time the application is considered.

There is no longer need to provide multiple copies of the application when forwarding the request to the Foundation.

Lodge Recommendation Form

Application Form