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The Freemasons Foundation Incorporated

The Freemasons Foundation was established in 1989 from the benevolent funds of the Grand Lodge of South Australia and the Northern Territory as a formal registered gift recipient charity to undertake charitable activities on behalf of Freemasonry working in the community.

The purpose of the Freemasons Foundation to carry out the objectives stated in it constitution, which are:

Mission Statement

“The Freemasons Foundation exists to
ethically and  proactively support, promote,
fund and drive men’s health issues, and
to provide charitable works and funding
in the community.
point To provide assistance, whether financial or otherwise, to persons in necessitous circumstances;
point To provide financial and other assistance to any association, institution or other organisation which itself provides relief to any persons in necessitous circumstances;

Our new address is:

The Freemasons Foundation
Grand Lodge Building
254 North Terrace
Adelaide 5000
Phone: 7231 1770

point To provide and apply funds to such other charitable institutions having status under the Income Tax Assessment Act as deductible gift recipients, as the Board shall from time to time determine;
  point To raise funds to enable it to pursue its principal objectives


Main Focus

The major focus of the Foundation is promoting men's health awareness and conducting research into men's health issues. The Foundation also supports Lodge sponsored charitable projects, educational scholarships, grants, and research scholarships.